Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am an expert procrastinator. This is a skill that I have been practicing all of my life, or so it seems. The funny thing is that, all of a sudden, the thing that I have been putting off appears to be the only thing that must be taken care of right then. There it is and the opening that it presents is palpable. There is a knowing that it is time.
Well that time came this morning. The garage had been piling up for two years and was filthy. Mud was caked on the floor from driving in and out in the muddy seasons and the dust lay thick on every item. There were the huge boxes that roommates had deposited when they moved in and the scraps of lumber and building materials that I know I’ll need for some distant project, not to mention the cans of paint lying hither and thither. Oh, yes, the bicycles belonging to my daughter and grandchildren that are right in the way of the tidying up, are still there despite the pleas to take them away. The tiller and the lawnmower and the this and the that, became the focus of the morning hours. When I get into it, I get into it. The hours progressed, as so much sweeping was needed to make a dent in the dust. I made a pile to take to the dump and, finally satisfied that four hours of work and sneezes were enough, I brought my grimy self into the house to have lunch, clean up and rest.
Oops! It suddenly dawned on me that it was Sunday, my day to blog. I had succeeded in procrastinating again! Well the time to sit down at the computer presented itself and here I am. At least, it still is Sunday.

Prema Rose

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