Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Time

The laundry needs to be done,
  dishes washed, garden watered,
teeth brushed....all the ordinary things
  keep needing tending.
It seems OK to cut away the 
  dead flowers.

The numerous machines keep his life going.
  So many wires, tubes, monitors, numbers
  all become an extension of his insides.
The same insides in an intense war 
  with an enemy no one saw coming.
Or was this battle ordained, ordered
  and delivered
for a special delivery to the other side?

There isn't much time,
  there is nothing but time,
  time and time again.
When you have no more time with someone,
  never again will you greet them,  meet their eyes, 
reach for a moments embrace,
   time unravels.


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