Monday, September 1, 2008

Poem: Beginning of Patriarchy

women were part of creation.
we painted our faces with our moonly blood,
offered freely from deep in our bodies to Mother Earth.
we painted our breasts with it.
our power flowed freely, as our blood did, without struggle.
we did not hold power to ourselves,
it was like ripe fruit falling from trees.
& when the blood did not come
it grew into a child & milk to feed the child.

the men could not offer blood so easily.
they did not bleed without danger.
their blood did not grow into children.
they began to hunt & sacrifice animal blood & eat animal flesh to try to
take the power of the animals to themselves.
they cut themselves to bleed in imitation of us women.
they began to pretend giving birth.
they made things & treated them better than the children.
we watched them, not wishing them such pain.
they began to do their magic in secret from us.
they said the blood they offered was real blood,
their god wanted no women’s blood.

by Terra

their god wanted us to hide our blood as unclean & not worship near men.
we did not understand why blood that makes life & is given freely is bad
& blood made of death is good.

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