Sunday, September 14, 2008



I lift up my voice
And cry to the depths of the spaciousness,
“I care!”
“I care that our hearts bleed profusely
For our children”.
“I care that we respect ourselves so little
That we are unconscious of the pain
That we inflict.”
“I care that our Beloved Mother
Becomes so disturbed by our inflictions
That She is moved to move.”
“I care!”
My Heart is passionate!

And, in the core of that
“I care”,
I enfold all hearts in Mine.
So precious is this Life
That is enlivened by our consciousness.
Awake to the need of the moment.
Meet the cries and the tears
With a Love that embraces all Beings.
There are no differences or distinctions
In the Heart that knows Itself as One.
Purify, purify our intentions.
Then we are held so dear
Within the Compassionate Heart.

Beyond it all,
This story of our woes and joys,
Beyond our dramas and our sufferings,
There lies an inner-outer stillness.
Here, in this Space, is held the knowing
That it is as it is.
Here the Perfection is revealed.
We came to play our roles
In the unfoldment of this movie.
This is our agreement.
We signed the contract with our Life.
Let us play it consciously
Being the Dispassionate Heart.

Prema Rose

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