Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poem. A Prayer of Being

Dear God, Goddess, Creator of All that Is,
thank you for being with me this day.
Unlike others, I do not remember that time an eternity ago
when I was but a spark, traveling through the stars
to seed a new life form on a new planet.
But I do remember the night that the stars of Pleiades
made them themselves known to me.
They came down to earth and filled the frame of
my windshield with their startling brilliance
~ just for a moment ~
till I had become fully conscious of their presence,
“We are you, you are us”
and then as before, they warped back into their heavenly orbit.

And I am sure that it could be said that I took my earthly family by surprise,
as I, in my own startling brilliance,
and with the help of my angelic family,
dreamt myself into yet another excursion in a human body on Earth.
I chose well.
My mother once told my sister that our father had saved her.
Yet it could be said that it was me, for I gave their life together a purpose.
I was the glue that held them together.
Two young kids, seniors in high school,
came together and created "me" ,
~ was I not also the creator of our life together?

As the innocent child, I urged them to remember
that this is one of the life paths that we all agreed to.
We have been shaping and molding one another this lifetime,
learning the lessons that we chose for ourselves.
We get in each others way, we scream and yell and fight.
But sometimes we act as the light bulb of reason and grace for one another.

Who dreamt me into being? I did.
We chose well.

* annette

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