Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prose: Dark fell hard and fast...

Dark fell hard and fast and unexpectedly early tonight. The sun has already tucked herself behind the mountain ridge and blurred the outlines of houses I walk past and trees I slip under.

Orange light glares from overhead street lamps as they come on and cast an image before me and after me. that shadow self. My mind jokes with itself that I am coming and going at the same time.

The shadow presents a bulky outline on the sidewalk, one that belies the refined features and intimate detail of a human being. It’s substance contains all the disowned and ignored parts of a person and casts it upon the shore of public awareness at unexpected moments.
In this way it reveals those deeper parts than the usual mirror provides.

As I near home, lights begin to shine from windows and I realize how soon Fall will arrive. It was still full light at this time just a week ago. Summer is slipping away.

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