Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Word Picture of Summertime.

Bare legs and arms, sunshine, warm lazy days
Being a kid out of school, Memorial Day
Green grass, fruit tees, strawberry fields
Hot dogs, 4th of July, fireworks, sulfur essence
Bomb Pops, orange sherbet “Push-ups” and
Ice cream truck melodies
Hot cars, sticky asphalt, air conditioned stores
Fishing for crawdads
Glorious weeks at Grandma and Grandpa’s house
Girl Scout camp, church camp
Float trips, red canoes, and orange life vests
Dolls made of hollyhock blossoms
Lily pond with tadpoles, lilac bushes
Baby chicks, baby pigs, little kittens
Hanging out in Union Star with Grandma Hazel
Sweet corn, green beans & red juicy tomatoes
Homemade ice cream, Tollhouse cookies
Sitting in the basement on cool concrete reading books
Building forts, playing war
Kick the can, four square & tether ball
Mud pies, bee stings, allergies

Days seemed endless at the beginning of summer
And then, all of sudden, it was over.

* annette

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