Saturday, May 22, 2010

Speaking On Paper

Into this already crowded mind, comes images and memories that beg manifestation on paper. Could I deny them even if I wanted to? It seems that they would make their own way to the page, whether in the guise of advice from one of my characters to another, or slip and slide into my poetic verses.

Better to let them have their say right up front.

Sometimes I write only for myself. It’s not too often that I take a piece of personal thoughts and feelings and put it aside in a separate folder from others’ eyes. Yet I have done that. Not everything is for consumption by another.

Whether it’s because of the tone of the writing or the content of the storyline, there are times when I know I am not going to, nor are able to, share it with anyone.

I have to respect my own judgment here. I have an investment in my own well-being and safety needs. Out of these considerations will flow, and does flow, language and ideas that are meant to be shared, in one way or another.

These considerations also allow my inner places to feel free to speak on paper with an awareness that my consciousness will appropriately discern what is okay to share and what isn’t.

And so I can trust myself on paper.


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