Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've lost some of my daring...

I’ve lost some of my daring edges. Have I grown up. Have I gotten ‘old’.
I never played it safe as I play it these days. I’m curious as to why. I know to follow my curiosity. It usually has information and answers for me.

When I look inside, I can’t find the place where risk-taking lived. Did it get lost in the raising of children, exhausted adrenals, and too much stress? Did I get mirrored that, at my age, it's no longer appropriate to behave that way and I took the unsolicited feedback seriously?

I think this calls for a quest. I already have a Harrison Ford hat. I also know I may meet the poisonous snakes of my own self-doubt. I may become entangled in the vines of my own impatience, and yet I know I could also run headlong into a murky cave and find the answers as I’m coming out the other side.

My desire to know the Truth has served me up until now. It will be my guide, Harrison hat or no.


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