Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today I will...

Today I will allow myself the freedom
to be more of who I truly am
and not make excuses for how
I differ from others, or disagree with them.

Today I will be content with the contents
of the day and not chide myself,
thinking there was more
I could have done.

Today I will give myself the room
I need to yet understand
what I don’t seem to
and be patient with that part of me
that might need more time
to come to realizations
that others may get in the moment.

Today, this day, is all I really have.
There’s no guarantee that I will wake
with the rising of the sun tomorrow.
There’s no guarantee that I will see
another season of the year
or blow out more candles on a cake.

Today is what I have as my own.
It behooves me to make the best of it
and let myself off any hook
I tend to put myself on.


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