Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hungry Beast

I am the Hungry Beast.
I devour all I see
That will fill my insatiable belly,
Consuming the productions
Of those whose desperate flesh
Cannot sustain the necessary modicum of hope.
Sustenance is for the poor
And under poor.
I gorge my appetites,
And turn a blind eye and a deaf ear
To those who whimper for a crumb.
I understand survival of the fittest
And will outlast the strongest of the weak,
For I am fed upon the efforts of the have-nots
And the gluttony of those who have.
I ensnare the wary righteous
Even in their piety.
I play the politicians for the fools they are
And hold all accountable to their greed and lust.
I search out the incorruptible
To tempt them to my lair,
For I must feed my emptiness
Until I have exhausted
All sources of desire.
I will consume the very Earth
But still not know fulfillment.
I am tormented by my hunger.
I am lost in the bottomless pit
Of more…

Prema Rose

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