Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Divine

Mother Divine
Who holds all of creation in her heart,
Showering blessings on us
In every imaginable form,
You come as the robin
Greeting my waking eyes,
Perched on the rail of the deck
Outside my bedroom window.
You come in the laughter
And delight of those
Who share a joyous event.
You come with song and dance,
Playing the rhythms of my body
And urge it to burst into exuberation.
You come in the hand of a child
Slipping into mine
For comfort and assurance.
You come in the greeting of a sister friend
Not seen for many months
And home, at last, from India.
You come when all seems lost
And enfold me in your Grace
To teach me compassion.
You are there in the light of the candles
Illuminating my puja table,
Honoring my teachers and masters
Throughout all time and all dimensions.
Where are you not, blessed Mother?
All I have to do is open my eyes
To your Divine presence
And receive your gifts,
Receive your Love
You are here in my innermost space of Space,
Always and ever.

Prema Rose

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