Monday, April 19, 2010

Writing with music experiment (**new music begins)

**A thickly woven tapestry was wrapped around her, as she sat alone in darkened room, contemplating the complexity of her situation. One inner voice spoke in an imploring mode, asking – “What will I do? What? What? Why is it this way? Why? Why? “ Another voice, somewhat playfully sang a lilting song in the background, relieving and hopeful. **

She walked outside into the sunlight, warmed by the orb blazing in a clear sky. Here she could shed the heavy wrap and the many voices. Now she felt the sun on her skin, the fresh air on her face, the ground under her bare feet. She smelled the spring fragrances of blooms, opening up, as she was, to a new season.

A smile began to play on her face. Her heart was beating calmly and steadily. Two bunnies chased each other in the grass, touching noses, then, chasing some more, leaping up in the air as though on springs. Their courting antics heartened her. She couldn’t help but laugh at them. And herself. Laugh at the folly of being human and trying so hard ** when the nature of life was still continuing. Yes, her troubles were still there, somewhere. But as Bobby McFerren says – “Into every life there comes some trouble, But when you worry, you make it double.”

She was renewed by Mother Nature, knowing she was part of the community of beings and the cycles of life. She felt strengthened and able to deal with her challenges, without magnifying them in her mind. **

Om shanti shanti shantihi

She sat under a blossoming tree and drank in the happy complexities of the world, ** letting the bliss of being arise inside of her heart, washing her aura with waves of fullness and emptiness.

So she sat for a timeless time.

Finally, glowing with prana, she slowly walked back to her inner sanctum.
--Terra Rafael

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