Sunday, April 4, 2010

Angels in Form

There have been several times in my life when someone has miraculously appeared in the instant of dire circumstances to help me. I am sure they are Angels in form. This is an awesome experience that I am sure many people share. Usually they are only there for that moment in time, then disappearing namelessly into the background of our lives.

One such instance occurred for me when I was driving down the canyon on a February morning. There had been some snow and ice on the road, but that morning it seemed clear. I was driving what had been my mother’s Rambler station wagon, which had a penchant for fish-tailing. As I was coming around a bend, I came upon a patch of ice and braked. The car spun around with my rear end facing the center of the road and the front angled into the canyon wall. The traffic going in the other direction would not stop for me to back up and head in the right direction. Just then, a large white sedan with a short middle eastern man, chewing on a cigar, appeared. He got out to help me turn my car when a small truck sped around the bend and, seeing us obstructing the road, went between the front of my car and the canyon wall. He flipped over and spilled the contents of his bed which consisted of buckets of small screws and hardware. He was unharmed and somehow the truck was upright on four wheels. The man held the traffic until I could pull off to the side and see how the truck driver was doing. He asked if I wanted his name but I said no, as I didn’t want to involve him. I am sorry that I didn’t get it.

It turns out that there was another accident, just behind me on the other side of the bend. A car went into the rock on the same side of the canyon. If he hadn’t he would have plowed into the white car and it would have been a pile-up. I think the mysterious man was instrumental in keeping us all safe.

Months later, I was in the grocery store and I looked up to see him standing at the end of the aisle, just watching me. I looked all over the store to find him but he had disappeared. An angel, to be sure.

This is just one story and there are others. One, I will write about, but it is much too lengthy for a blog entry, perhaps a chapter in a book.

Recently, however, I chanced upon the opportunity to be an angel for someone else. I was traveling back from California and going though the security check with by carry-on luggage. A young woman of about twenty was in front of me and they stopped her bag to inspect it. Attached to the zipper, but tucked into the suitcase, was a strange device. It looked like a large fat metal pen with ridges in the handle so that fingers could grip it firmly. The tip was pointed. They began to question her and she turned to me and said that her girlfriend’s father had given it to her for walking across campus and told her to keep it on her key chain. Well, all the silent alarms went off for security and they told her it was a weapon, whose name I did not catch, and there was a $15,000 fine and imprisonment for having such an item. They brought the distraught girl into the center glassed area. I told her to breathe. Then they went into my bag. I was carrying an unopened jar of peanut butter. I had a moment of time to be with her, since they put my bag through the line again. I told her that it would be all right, as I knew it would be, and again had her breathe with me and put Light around her. She thanked me and I went on.

I have held her in the Light since. It feels good to pay my Angel dues forward.

Prema Rose

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