Sunday, April 18, 2010

Providence Provides

Once again, I am shown how the unseen hand of Providence reaches out and provides the very best for me. For several years now, I have been trying to learn as much as I can on my own on the internet, without spending money, about marketing and writing copy. This blog and the Week’s Worth of Women writing group have been an immeasurable help in gaining confidence in my abilities. Publishing two collaborative books and my poems being included in several anthologies have added to the validation that I am a writer.

This has been a dream of mine that has come more into focus through the last five years. I have envisioned a time when I am financially secure so that I can spend my days in some secluded spot writing and composing. Well, so far, the financial independence has eluded me, and to be honest, most days, I don’t know whether I can squeak my bank account through another day.

Now, the part-time job that I got six months ago is moving me into the direction that I had hoped to travel. It started as just a busy work kind of job, labeling bottles and preparing them to go out to the customers. It is fun and I love the company, Wishgarden Herbs, and, although the pay is minimal, I am so happy to have this work. There was a very long stretch when I had nothing.

The shift into being able to offer the company more of my creative abilities is emerging. This week, I started to write copy for some of their promotional needs. Yes! I am being paid to write!

In a week and a half, I am going to accompany the owner to film the training of her sales reps in Oregon and helping her at a midwifery conference. My years of experience as a midwife will be reemployed in another context.

I am amazed and in such gratitude of the Divine Mother’s workings in my life. I look back to a year ago when the whole world was crumbling into oblivion. Although I am not out of the financial woods yet, I see a light in the clearing ahead.

Prema Rose

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