Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Letter to My Body: Jyoti

Dear Patty,
I'm addressing you this way because this was the first name you were given and this was how others addressed you in your early life.

I always appreciated how you regulated the menstrual cycles, never found disgust with any of the body's processes, and had the energy to respond to any stimuli.

You've seen me through five childbirths, several surgeries, a myriad of bumps, bruises, and stitches. You've carried the weight of my emotions, crying jags that lasted for hours as I felt outstripped by outer circumstances.

During the drug days, you suffered the hallucinogens I pumped into you, stretching your brain chemicals and pushing your envelope of reality. For this, I'm sorry and grateful at the same time.

I'm also grateful for the sensitivity yet strength of the nervous system you carry for me to inhabit and use. Just yesterday I had a long talk with mind about its huge impingement upon this small body. I told it that if it wanted to have a continual vehicle for its expression over the next ten to twenty years, it needed to back off and put its massive focus somewhere more benign than just running the nervous system ragged.

So, in closing, please accept my absolute thanks and heartfelt gratitude for being my vehicle of expression this time around. I'll try and be easier in how I navigate in these later years and find time for more relaxation and play.

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