Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jungles of Manhattan

Giraffes split the horizon like skyscrapers
strolling slow yet loftily, apparently unaware of
Anteater below built so close to the ground,
with his snout buried in dried mud hill
like a homeless man scrounging through a dumpster.

Hoards of Hyenas, howling and screaming remind us
of the din of downtown Manhattan traffic at lunch hour.
The enormous elephant rumbles towards the water hole
lumpy and heavy, reminiscent of a fat bodied bus,
appearing wider at the top than at its base.

Homo-sapiens scurry down side walks,
popping in and out of the coffee shops,
eyes to the ground or vacantly staring ahead;
already peopling the destination they are headed towards.

The lordly lion lies in the golden grasses surveying his assets.
All other animals move noisily around him,
careful not to make eye contact; to bring attention to themselves.
No one wants to be devoured by “the man”.

* annette

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