Thursday, April 15, 2010

Word Picture ~ My cat, Magic

I had only been in my new house for three weeks when my old neighbor called and said, “I have your cat”.

“I don’t have a cat” I replied, wondering who and what she was talking about.

“No. Really. I have your cat.” She said again.

All right, all right. What is going on here? It turns out that a cat had wondered up from the direction of my former residence and tried to move into my neighbor’s barn. It would have been okay except that there is a happy feline family living there already.

“She is very pretty, house broken and seems like a really nice cat”, she said, even as I was thinking, ‘if she is so wonderful, why did someone abandon her?’

I heard my neighbor’s roommate say in the background, “Actually, she is such a great cat, we will keep her and give you our two old cats.”

Since the title of the story is My cat Magic, you have probably already deduced that they talked me into adopting this beautiful being. They brought her over the next evening with a little bag of food and an old litter box ready to go. She was adorable; short hair, a little pudgy, with an incredible defined coat ~ a gorgeous shiny black, orange and white tuxedo calico.

I almost named her Dragon because of her amazing eyes. As she walks over to me her eyes are large, the irises are huge black circles encircled with a sliver of gold. As she jumps upon the couch and creeps up my tummy to look me in the face, the black retreats into dark dots and it is then that her eyes become so mesmerizing.

They are like the scales of a dragon hide, golden with a light green tint. Each scale is vividly independent. They lay on one another in overlapping concentric circles. I would love to count them as she stares straight back at me without blinking. I feel as if she is looking straight through me; but I am comforted by the thought that she must like what she sees, because she settles down to ward off the evening chill. We have become very good friends.

* annette

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