Monday, February 1, 2010

Writing Prompt - Circles

It must be my expansive Vata-Libra nature, but I like spirals more than circles. It helps that the spiral is an ancient symbol of the Goddess. To me, a spiral is a circle come to life, dynamic and active.

I began to think of my menstrual cycle as not a repeating circle of ovulation and bleeding, but as a spiral. It was a spiral because, over time, a circle changes some, a cycle alters in its path a bit - opening up more to the expanding universe or closing in towards the central point of infinity.

The spiral can move inward and move outward, whichever way you choose to move on it --evolution, creating in matter or involution, spiraling inward to Oneness. I like both—to create and to return to Oneness.

If I get another tattoo, it will definitely be a spiral.

--Terra Rafael

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