Saturday, February 13, 2010

Offering It Up

There are so many deaths in life. We die to where we were before birth to come here and live in a physical body.
We die to our individuality when we birth children and become mothers.
Along the way, we die many deaths as we leave behind a way of life, a way of being, to step into something else.

There’s an image in metaphysics that could be called the 6th stage, relative to the 6th chakra.
The picture goes like this: We are about to achieve enlightenment, freedom from the wheel of death and rebirth. We see others coming behind us, seeking that same goal. Do we take it and leave them behind, or do we offer them a foot up, that boost that allows them to go free…and our turn comes at the end, then.
It the Boddhi Satva Vow: I will stay and work until all beings are free.

How do we practice for a role like that in ordinary life? How do we give a leg up to those around us, to those coming up behind us, to our children when it’s time to set them free.
What a joy it is to give others that opportunity to have their own freedom and success.
Achieving it oneself is one thing. To open the door and enable someone else to have that is an even greater experience.

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