Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Writing Prompt was: This is what she said………..

“Some Stuff”

Last week-end I attended an incredible teaching workshop and one of the presenters was giving a demonstration about developing intuition.

This is what she said………..

“Reach into this bag and take 'some stuff'. I think I have enough 'stuff' for everyone.” We all watched intently as the first people dipped their hands into the bag. I was not alone in my curiosity …. what was 'the stuff'?

I could see that it was white and malleable. When it was my turn I reached in and grabbed a handful of 'stuff'. It was tiny cotton balls; some larger, some smaller. She instructed us, “Close your eyes, hold 'your stuff', get familiar with it and make it a part of you.” I held mine gently and softly stroked the small white bumps and enjoyed their different sizes.

Next we were told to pass "our stuff" to the person on our right. A part of me resisted. This was now “my stuff” and I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it; but I felt the person on my left holding “their stuff” towards me ….. and so I had to pass mine along to make room for another person’s “stuff”.

Weird. I held another bundle of “stuff” in my hand. It felt so foreign. She had grabbed a lot more “stuff” than I had and then packed it into a tight wad ~ it felt hot and mashed up and actually uncomfortable in my hand.

I worried for a second that our leader was going to have us pass again to the right and I distinctly wanted “my stuff” back. I was more comfortable when she said “Please pass the ‘stuff’ you are holding back to the person you got it from.”

Ahhh ~ there it was, it still felt like “my stuff”. Silly as it sounds, I was happy now.

… a fascinating discussion followed. We all have “stuff”. We also played with closing our eyes and receiving another person’s "stuff" and trying to intuit who it belonged too. Very interesting ~ pretty cool stuff !!

* annette

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