Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Happened to Feeling Good ?

We all use to feel good, but where has it gone? Down the river, hiding somewhere. Certainly not letting us feel or see it. We’re off somewhere, but we don’t know where. Is it 20l0? Taking us for a ride, changing us into a new way of being. I suppose this just can’t be done by feeling good. we keep going into another direction. But not the one we had been planning on.

Then we say, it must be age. An age we never thought would feel like this. Where is our well-being? We want it back, to surround us, make us smile, even laugh out loud.

But, we’ll come back, as soon as we get through 2010. Think positive, our feel good is just upon us, getting ready to surround us in a new way.

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