Sunday, February 7, 2010

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Shop
History of MCCS Productions

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Shop was born on Christmas Eve of 1970. Hugh Rose and Prema Rose received the initiation of an ongoing transmission. It began as a children’s story, written in the style of a cartoon book with music, which would accompany it in a cassette. The book would take the form of a scroll.

The story follows the allegory of the hero’s journey and is set in a circus. A boy’s burning questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” propel him through the Circus of Life on a journey of Self-realization.

We asked the help of Hugh’s brother, who was an artist and a printer. He informed us that he would be going back to his home in Ibiza, Spain in a week and we said that we would follow him. We left our careers in the theater in New York City, our lives, as we knew it, and embarked on the adventure into the Unknown.

In Ibiza, we opened an art gallery off the main plaza of the 2,000-year-old town, which was built on a mount overlooking the port. Prema continued to work on the drawings for the cartoon book and create silkscreen art with Hugh, while running the gallery.

The Microcosmic Cartoon Shop (MCCS) became the avenue of expression to portray, through art, the reflection of the Macrocosm on this plane of existence. As Source crystallizes into all its myriad forms, we, as artists, attempt to capture the infinite Truths in our portrayals. As Life journeyers, we observe and participate the creation of the Microcosmic cartoon on the planet Earth.

Our journey took several turns as we found the spiritual school we had been searching for nestled in the hills of the Cotswolds in England. After a year of intense training in the Fourth Way Work with John Bennett, we began a six month overland passage to Auroville, India. Prema knew she was to have a child there and, in fact, conceived Suryananda on the way in Greece.

While traveling to India, our briefcase, with everything we had written and all the drawings, was stolen on a train through Pakistan and we had to start again. The original concept became fuller as did the treatment. The concepts and images filled out in detail. Thus evolved the screenplay for “The Planet Earth Presents: The Microcosmic Cartoon Show”.

In its current form, it is animated musical feature screenplay. I have completed a five minute rough animation, called an animatic, for promotional purposes. As a visual synopsis, it gives you a brief outline of the film. You can link to the animatic on Youtube or view it on the website.

I have also recorded a demo CD of six of the sixteen songs in the film. These can be accessed through the website.

The screenplay and music have won awards at the following international film festivals:

Worldfest International Film Festival
Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival
Moondance International Film Festival

We, at Microcosmic Cartoon Shop Productions, intend to create many expressions of Hope, Faith, Courage, Inspiration, and Love as told through the stories of our lives.


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