Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Women Aging Young

What a concept! This title came from a friend’s blogspot. I just got together with my friend after twenty years of not seeing one another. She had moved to Bayfield, Co. to be part of a co-housing community. It sounds like a wondrous gathering of people with a huge organic garden feeding seventy people, rarely having to go to the grocery store. They have goat’s milk for all these people, and other blessings of the earth.

Back to women aging young, this new possibility. My mother is an example of this. Almost ninety-three years of age, she’s a good representative of this, and still going strong. Of course she isn’t thinking women aging young. My mom grew up on a farm and worked extremely hard all her life. Her motto is, she doesn’t stop, she stays young by not stopping. She gets her rest most days, but has no intention of sitting down. She has the motivation to keep moving.

The beauty of my mom is she wants to keep moving. She is definitely a woman aging young and is a great influence for all of us.


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