Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peace and Love

I recently wrote a story about Fruition. Letting it gel a few more days I realized there was a piece that hadn't bubbled up into my awareness.  We do all this work, in my case four years in my garden, before the rewards of everything coming together are seen. I wrote how important it is to take in the nourishment of enjoying our creation, of enjoying the season of fruition. It can be a long hard season of working in the dark, of struggles you couldn't have predicted; of foes never seen but still they called up a strength and courage you didn't know you had till needed. So much like life I guess. But I realized as we keep working, keep moving forward, keep motivating there is something in us that pulls all this work out of us. A vision of creating something, of a better environment, of moving in the world with some sense of peace about what you do.  It resides within us yet we are pushed forward to create, to allow this thing to be in the world. It doesn't matter if what we are up to is small or big in the world's view.  It may be your energy goes to being with your grandchildren, taking time for an elder or in my case hauling rocks for my garden.  Some guiding force tells you what is yours to do.  And it feeds you, in the soul sense, along the way. The more we align with its voice, even if something isn't always easy, (and trust me hauling rocks is not easy) there is a sense that its right. The more we allow that voice to guide us, to honor it's inherent wisdom, the more we have a life that's opening to something greater, a vision. Vision doesn't have to be huge.  It can be as simple as more peace and love today, through me. 

Peace and love to you. Drink it in. 


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