Friday, June 19, 2009


Scald half gallon of milk in a big pan on the stove. Add to it a pound of butter. Add a cup of sugar and eight teaspoons of salt. Stir it all up to melt and dissolve. Then add about five cups of cold water to cool it down. While that is happening put 6 or 7 envelopes of yeast in two cups of warm water with a teaspoon of sugar. When the yeast bubbles up add it to the liquid, which should be lukewarm. Now you can begin stirring in the flour. You will need about 30 cups of flour. I use part white flour and part find ground whole wheat. When the dough becomes thick and sticky turn it out into two large mounds on the counter to knead. Kneading and adding more flour with take ten to fifteen minutes and add to your muscle mass. When the dough is satiny with air bubbles it is ready to set to raise in a warm place. Turn it out into a well grease bowl. Let it rise to double in bulk before punching it down. While you are letting it rise a second time you can get out your bread pans to grease. This will make about 12 good sized loaves. Leave a nice amount of dough at the end to make a batch of cinnamon rolls.

If you want a richer dough add five or six eggs and more sugar.



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