Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Thursday

Today is my day to enter a piece on our blog.

Last night, my car would not start. She was (and is) parked outside of the Platteville Library. The battery is good, but she will not start !?!?!

Therefore, this morning I am dealing with my insurance company, which has been very easy to work with, and auto repair shops, with varying degrees of success. My sweet Honda, Idgey, so rarely breaks down that I do not have much experience playing this game.

I am wondering if it would be best to tow my dear little car to Boulder, and maybe have to pay extra for the longer tow trip, so that she will be in the hands of my wonderful friends at Hoshi Motors. Yes, even as I write this, I know that is the right thing to do. The few dollars that i may need to spend on the longer tow trip charge will undoubtedly be worth the piece of mind that she is with people who know her!

Thank you for watching me work through this difficult decision. If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I know that I will be fine. More later.......
Have a great day!


I was standing in front of my desk, talking on phone and throwing on clothes, getting ready to walk back to the library. I suddenly notice the UPS truck setting out in my driveway and I am hoping that he didn't get an eyeful. Geez! I grab my keys, tie up my walking shoes and hurry towards town.

The tow truck guys name is Kyle; he has 5 silver rings moving up from the lobe on his left ear. His head is shaved and he has "LOVE" tattooed in one eyebrow and "Hate" tattooed on the other. Guess that covers allot of emotions !?!? He seems like a sweet guy, really! Very efficiently he gets my pale green Honda up on the truck and takes off.

I walk home, it is only a mile and I need the space. I kind of feel like crying but decide to say a prayer to the angels of Honda's to be with my good friend, and have this be a minor affair, and easy on the pocketbook. I pick up messages and head into the bathroom. I decide to get with the program and the possible theme of the day ~ I plucked my eyebrows. I am ready.

* annette.

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