Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funk Shui

Funk Shui

When it's just "off",
And not quite "right",
And doesn't feel the way it should,
The perfect balance isn't there,
You know it might,
You know it could.

This corner is so
Dark and dank,
The cobwebs lurk in hidden spots,
A long forgotten toy peeks out,
It smells so rank,
Like slimy snots.

The dust has settled
On the leaves
Of all the suffocating plants,
They beg some care, some H2O,
To quench their thirst,
To tend their wants.

The toilet lids
Have all been closed,
And ribbons tied in the right way,
And mirrors placed, and altars set,
Yet, even so,
It's still Funk Shui.

Prema Rose

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