Sunday, March 28, 2010


Who is where?
When is why?
Why is that?
And that is why.
Now and then,
Time or not,
Here it is ,
It’s what you’ve got.

Could it be?
It’s O.K.!
It’s the start
Of a new day.
Come along,
Get the groove,
Dance this dance,
Now it’s your move.

Angel dust
Fills the air,
Glittering light
Sparkles my hair.
So, in fact,
This is why
I cannot,
Nor never die.

Open heart,
Open mind,
Open love
Is what you’ll find.
Which is how,
It’s your choice,
After all,
It is your voice.

Lift it high.
Shout and sing.
Live your life
And do your thing.
When is now
And then is here.
There is nothing
More to fear.

Walk with me,
Hold my hand,
Together we
Will understand.
In the end
What will be?
Nothing but

Prema Rose

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