Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Family Favorite

Chicken with Parmesan and Yogurt

One split frying chicken or 4 split breasts, bone in preferably
½ c. yogurt (I usually do near a cup)
1 clove garlic or more
4 T parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper
½ stick of butter, or more (a touch of Julia)
Rub chicken with the yogurt and mashed garlic and allow to stand for several hours.
Dust the halves with salt, pepper and grated parmesan.
Place skin side down (or remove skin, if you prefer) in a generously buttered pan.

Baste several times with the sauce and if needed, more butter, thinking Julia. The point is not to broil the sauce away.

Especially good over your favorite noodle or grain. Bon Appetit.

Patricia Jordan

From: Food and What Feeds Us

A Family Favorite

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