Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Not Going To Be What You Think It Will Be

She told me it would not be like I thought it would be.
I’d had visions of a long white gown, arms crossed over my chest, walking up the temple steps.
She told me it was going to be different, maybe more difficult.
I hadn’t known at the time I met with her that a lot of my spiritual work would be done as a householder, a family person, birthing and raising children.
I didn’t know I wouldn’t be part of a priestess group Old Egypt where a lot of my psychic impressions led me to believe I had been at one time.
I was young, idealistic, and sitting in a group at the Metaphysical Center in New Jersey. We were learning color and music therapy, going over the chakras, and how to promote alternative healing practices. We learned about the color rooms in ancient Egypt, built with gemstone walls that the sun would shine through and bathe a sick person in those color rays.
I studied the effects of the notes of the scale and certain composed pieces of music and how those energetic vibrations of a played piece, strummed string, could bring a person’s energies back into its own harmony.
So the visions in my mind had me going in one direction when the woman next to me, a fairly popular psychic reader, leaned over and whispered in my ear and said those words, “It’s not going to be like you think it will be.”
I was young and thought I knew myself and life better than her. I remembered her words but didn’t give them much credence.
Now I remember her words because she was exactly right.


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