Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Diamond Hearts

The diamond hearts I am referring to are my three grandchildren, who have been separated from their Mom by a twelve hour drive, temporarily. They want to continue attending school in Oklahoma. Which is understandable for most kids, they want to be with their friends.

I spent as much time as possible with these three, ages nine, twelve, and sixteen, while they were here for three days. Of course they have all their electronics which are a great comfort. The girl, Maddy, who is nine said her friends comfort her by talking with her. The twelve year old, Jake seems the most emotional, but also very creative, winning lst prize in the state for an anti-war movie he made about Viet Nam. He’s also very musical, playing several instruments. I’m learning from him, since we are only 3 days apart, that yeah, Virgos can be emotional. Now Zach, the sixteen year old has developed a true diamond heart. I see his light, he has Venus in the top of his chart, drawing in and putting out so much love, light and kindness. He has a sweetheart, but girls just love him and call him all the time, without all this attention going to his head.

But they each hold the diamond and I see it sparkle more each time I see them. Their mom and I call them often. She will be traveling back to see them as much as she can.
I feel each one of them are going to blossom from this separation. May they each continue to hold and polish the diamond.

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