Thursday, October 15, 2009


A few thoughts on my first trip to Madison.

1) There is not cheese everywhere. I am surprised about that. On my flight to Milwaukee, my seat mate was heading to a “Dairy Expo” in Madison. He had a cow on his shirt but I didn’t really pick up on that until he told me that he was a dairy farmer from California, and twisted in his seat to show me again his bovine decal. Our plane pitched rather violently a couple of times in the wind as we took off, he said he was glad that he didn’t throw up. I whole heartedly seconded that emotion!!
But back to cheese ~ or lack thereof. We finally found a cheese shop on State Street as we strolled the down town area of Madison. One shop! And they had only one little tray of cheddar cheese cut up to sample, so I sampled it four times. It was okay. We bought some cheese to go on our chili mac’s, as we had just discovered a shared Midwestern passion. We both loved and now miss our favorite hamburger joint, Steak & Shake, and it’s famous chili mac! Yum!!!

2) I am two days into my trip and the weather so far has been raining or “just about to rain”. I did cast a shadow this morning when I stepped outside but the little window of blue sky didn’t last long. As we take off every day to explore the joys of Wisconsin I feel a kinship with the rolling hills and small farms with large barns. Although the leaves are just beginning to move into their fall fashion colors, it is still green and beautiful and reminds me a lot of southern Missouri. Hummm, green rolling hills and chili mac’s, I really am feeling kind of home sick for my home state.

* annette

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