Monday, October 19, 2009

Journey to Support & Nourishment

As I approach the home of the Great Midwife I notice that this time she lives where my beloved Grandmother lived, a sturdy country house in Wisconsin. I have spent many happy times there. I see the familiar yard edged with flowers and fruit trees, with ample room to play and relax.

Grandma Johnson comes out of the door, dressed in her usual house dress and apron. Her large hug envelopes me. The rose bush next to us tinges the air with its fragrance. She says,” You’re just in time for lunch.” She leads me into the place I know so well. The kitchen is full of familiar foods. She cooks me a grilled cheese sandwich—one of my comfort foods. The melted butter smell gets my mouth to watering, as she places the sandwich in front of me. Then she gives me a bowl of homemade chicken vegetable soup. I feel relaxed and ready to eat. She sits across from me at the table and we pause a moment in silent prayer. We’re thankful for this food and all who brought it to us. We eat in silence except for our murmurs of appreciation.

After we eat we clean up the kitchen together, chatting and catching up. Grandma suggests we go into the living room where she sits down at the piano and plays some old songs for me- “K-K-K-Katie, Beautiful Katie", "The Old Rugged Cross”, "Mares eat oats & does eat oats & little lambs eat ivy". We sing together. When it’s time to go, I sing her a song.
“ Grandma this is for you.
Sacred ancestors hear my song. Make my way sacred, fill me with beauty.
Sacred ancestors hear my song. Make my way sacred fill me with beauty.
Fill me with beauty, that I may bring others beauty. Fill me with beauty, that I may bring others beauty.”

-Terra Rafael

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