Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wisconsin ~ Part 2

... more thoughts on my first trip to Madison.

3) No one in Wisconsin wears sunglasses. When you walk into the convenience store connected to the gas station, there are no tall racks of eye wear beside the check out counter. Curious now, I found myself taking a silent poll as we drove down the highway in the middle of the day. Not one of the drivers was wearing sunglasses. I often had mine setting on top of my head, actually using them more as a head band to keep the hair out my eyes. But habits are hard to break, and when I get in the car, I grab my sunglasses. Heck, in Colorado we practically sleep in our sunglasses!!!!

4) And last but not least, another startling realization. The state “smell” for Wisconsin must be “scent of orange”. I first noticed it as we toured the House on a Rock in Spring Greens. Several times as I walked through this amazingly whimsical architecture, I was misted by a scent of orange. It struck me as really odd. Later that evening we had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant and as I visited the lady’s room, I was again engulfed in the citrus. Although it was the second time in one day, it made more sense in this situation.
The next day we walked the streets of downtown Madison, toured the Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and explored the newly and beautifully renovated State Capitol building. I should not have been surprised as I walked into the sumptuous Lady’s room only to once again sniff the orange.
What was I expecting after all, the essence of cheddar? Yes, I guess I was.

* annette

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