Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prose - Opening

Shell Creek campground, the loviest of areas by the creek, a feeling of wanting to stay here forever, although we only ended up staying one night. It was on to the Great Medicine Wheel the next day. Wildflowers in abundance, beautiful grasses with tall spruces all on one side as our protectors. To another side of our new home the grasses were laid down where deer must have slept the night before. I laid my navel down on the flattened grasses, gathering the gentleness of deer into me as I also felt the support of the Mother. I began the process of letting go of the negative energy in my liver, the only label I was aware of at the time, as I allowed the love of deer and the Mother seep into my soul. Later, my friend, Myrna, creates more healing sounds with the bowls, deepening that opening. Gratefulness surrounds me, washes through me. My great lesson is learning to receive the love and the beauty that is all around me. Grace can be simple, no struggle, just allowing, only being.

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