Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love is All There Is

I know we like to “work” things out. Figure out what went wrong and when. Who did what to you, her or him? And why did they do it and what happened to them, that they did it in the first place? We want to know. How we really feel and what is it we need to say or not because of those feelings. And don’t forget all the times you didn’t say something and someone took advantage of you or you did to them. It usually came from your past and it’s hard work to unwind it. It’s stuck in your body or mind or both. We have ancient history and it screwed us all up. It’s endless digging, surmising, and guessing. It’s all about sorting through the minutia to find the key. The one you must have lost along the way. It must be in there somewhere. If only I could just clean out this or that, or release this or that or remember the first time my mother yelled at me or when I started to believe I wasn’t good enough and why. The rabbit hole.

Yes, you can make it important. We all have and do at one time or another. But it is a new time. New ways have arrived like the sun bringing it’s light each day. New possibilities exist this day as rays reach a little deeper into our hearts and minds opening new pathways.

What if we could remember “Only Love is Real” and everything else isn’t. What happens to all that stuff we thought was so important to work out or didn’t even know we believed, but it ran and limited a part of our lives? Maybe even directed the show. What if we skipped to the ending and started with Forgiveness and remembering Love? Because we knew we were safe and loved and if that’s the truth then it’s not so hard to extend a hand and understand. Maybe we were playing games with ourselves and everybody else, just for the fun of it, because we could. A cosmic hide and seek. And no one ever really did anything to us. Only us. And the way out is not long or hard but simple. Only it requires courage till you get the hang of it. To act knowing love is the only real thing in the midst of confusion, strife or darkness, even if it’s in the littlest of ways. To be the one to make it real when others aren’t sure or are sure it’s not. To claim it for yourself at all times, in all places and then give it away freely.

Maybe the Beatles got it right after all, forty years ago, and “Love is All there Is.”


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