Thursday, August 6, 2009


I wake up ~ it is early morning ~ I feel warm and cuddly under the blankets. I look at my partner. He looks so young and innocent as he sleeps. I thank the goddess for helping me find this warm and gentle man. He is funny ~ yet thoughtful, handy around the farm and comfortable with all our friends. He is the kind of guy who is “comfortable living in his own skin” whether he was born like that or earned it, I’m not sure, but it is sure easy to be with him. I adore him and when I catch him looking at me, I know the feeling is mutual.

Nature calls again and I slip out of bed, grab my robe and quietly leave our room. I always look forward to my first cup of coffee in the morning. It is a blend of spring water, instant coffee, chocolate syrup and a little milk. It’s like starting every day with dessert first. Sometimes I will brew up a mug of Earl Grey or a dark Chai for a pleasant change of routine. I add a little dribble of maple syrup and milk to my teas ~ it is tastier to me and I make the argument that it is easier on my stomach. Whatever………… I like it.

I love this early morning time. The world is quiet around me ~ I soak up this peaceful feeling. Some mornings I read a book, sometimes I meditate before my morning coffee. But this morning I set out in the screened in porch and listen to the birds. We have a nice little farm, I would love more acreage, but this place is arranged so well, it feels larger than it is. We have a small yard to maintain ~ there were large shade trees when I arrived and I try to keep them happy so they will be with us forever. I have several small garden areas filled with mostly perennials ~ they have developed and filled out nicely in the last few years and require a minimum of upkeep. And there’s the corn & beans ~ I love growing them ~ and tomatoes, of course. At this point in time I only grow those things that easy to harvest. Keep it simple, that’s my motto. And of course there are my herb gardens ~ edibles and medicinals vie for space ~ it is more unkempt and wild looking ~ just the way I like it. I get a kick out of visitors who wonder out loud at my huge mother wort plants. “Are you growing pot right here” they ask. I may tease them along for a few minutes about needing another cash crop, before I fess up and explain my love for the comforting mother wort. I warn them about the healthy stand of nettles I have tucked in the corner ~ which is now re-defining it’s boundaries. Every one loves the lemon balm and Sweet William and I usually leave them with that.

I glance over at the 3 car garage. It is separate from the house with an enclosed breeze way that is a delightful living area, especially in the winter when I bring a lot of the plants inside. A small heater keeps it just warm enough to keep the plants alive and a chair tucked back into the foliage makes for a great place for reading.

The apartment over the garage looks quiet. I have always had some one living there ~ that way I can get away when I want to and not worry about the animals. Now that I have Buddy in my life, it is a little bit different. He is a big help with the animals, which is as it should be since he came with his own herd!

I look past the circular driveway and scan the fields. While our maintained yard is small, we have several large pastures cross fenced. “Let the horses keep their own yard mowed” ~ that’s what I always say. All summer long they look longingly at the eight acres were we raise our grass hay. We give our neighbor part of the crop every year in exchange for the time he spends mowing and baling it ~ it works out great for us both.

I love the barn. There are 4 large stalls ~ each with an attached run. It is not fancy but it’s sturdy and I have a nice size sized tack room and a separate grain storage room. It is a walk-through design like my grandpa’s, but a lot smaller. Nice! I have a large arena with pole & twisted wire fencing and several out-door lights on tall poles. One stays on all the time as a security light, but the others are on a switch and stay off unless we need them. A hay storage building, some lean-to shelters for the horses, a small round pen and a fenced chicken coop ~ are scattered round just where they need to be. Maybe some day we’ll have an indoor arena ~ that sounds sweet.


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