Thursday, August 13, 2009


I hear Buddy rattling around in the kitchen and soon smell his coffee brewing. I call out to him to let him know where I am. He yells back that breakfast is on him this morning and I wonder which of his favorites he will surprise me with. My coffee is kicking in so I switch out my robe for some old comfortable work clothes and get my yard work done ~ hoe down the bean and corn rows and make a mental note to throw the coffee grounds on the tomatoes. I reach over and open up the spicket to the soaker hose and watch it snake around to the different gardens.

After a hearty breakfast of home made tamales (from the freezer) with scrambled eggs and cheese, Buddy fills up his coffee mug and we walk out to the side yard. My mare has a little spotted bay filly and his quarter horse mare had another gorgeous colt this year. Plus we have a friend’s mare and her little baby. What a beautiful picture they make. Everyone is healthy and content. We trimmed one of the big trees in the front yard so that we could watch the babies play as we set in the living room. This is a dream come true for me.

I head back to the kitchen to make us a picnic lunch while Buddy gets the truck and trailer ready & double checks that we have every thing in the trailer that we are gonna need. We are off to meet some friends for a trail ride in the mountains. We like to go in the middle of the week when the trails are less crowded. We load up the horses and hit the road. I am in heaven. We have a lot to talk about because we are both going to be riding in a ranch horse versatility competition next weekend. Just like a cowboy, he thinks his quarter horses are superior, but I plan on giving him a run for his money on my fox trotter. “No matter what” I tease him, “my butt will feel better this evening after a full’s day ride!” I am referring to the smooth gait that fox trotters are known for ~ just one of the reasons that I love ‘em. But he grins at me, arches his eyebrows and makes a joke about checking my butt tonight. The look he gives me makes me tingle. Did I mention that I adore this guy?

After a marvelous day of trail riding we head for home. He asks what’s for dinner and I make a few uninspiring suggestions. I get bold and tell him what I’d really like is sushi. I am not sure if this will go over big since we have been gone all day, but I remind him of the effect raw fish and warm sake have on me. I can feel his eyes twinkling. I seal the deal with the promise to help him feed the horses.

He’s mine!

In no time at all we are heading into town to our favorite Japanese restaurant. We make it there in time to catch the last minutes of happy hour and quickly put in our order. I love sake ~ it relaxes me and makes me giggle. It is a good thing. We compare notes on today’s ride and exchange ideas for our up-coming house warming party. You see, in a couple of months I will make my last mortgage payment and will own the farm free and clear. It will be a day to celebrate.

I melt into his side as we drive home; thanking God this old truck doesn’t have bucket seats! I grin to myself as I think, “older IS better”. “Hey, don’t you quit on me now”, Buddy blows in my ear, “we have one more chore to do tonight.” “What is that?” i ask frowning, trying to imaging what we had left undone.

“Well, we have to compare butts, to see whose is doing better!” Oh yeah! I rub my hand on his upper thigh and ask, “Then why are you driving so slow?”

“WOW” I lean back and smile “what an amazing day this has been ~ and it is not over yet! I found a man who loves farming, horses, sushi and me! Life is Good!!”

* annette

PS. Did I mention that this was a fantasy piece ~of what a perfect day might look like? I didn't? Well, amazingly enough some of it has come true since I wrote it three years ago!! Powerful imagination!? Try it !!!!

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