Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writing Prompt: What I Resist Writing About

What I resist writing about? I resist the notion of picking anything. I think "Why even think about what I don't want to write about?" Why place the chain, assign such a label, on any subject? It is all so new. Each day, each time I sit to write, I find my way down the path of words and ideas to step off into an eddy, a side world filled with rich, tasty treats that were previously unknown. Or maybe it is a familiar smaller pathway, like the deer trails I like to find and explore on my walks. They often veer off the main trail and, I've found, can take you to unexpected treasures. I always think "Well, if the animals take this way, I might too and discover something only they know about." When I'm on those trails I like to imagine the fox or deer walking along knowing he is out of sight of the humans but not too far away either. So too with my mind heading into all arenas, following thoughts into unchartered territory, that often lead to new insights, off the beaten track and even into realms I might resist.

So how can I label some area off limits? I might need something from one of those places I said I resist or rebel against. Each and every moment along the way of life could be a source, a tidbit, of crucial information. You never know when you'll need that experience or feeling you had or heard about for a description. I could see myself scrambling though those drawers, the ones I put the label of "Don't want to write about." to find that one person, word or experience I need for a poem or fiction piece. I guess I'm reluctant to rule out anything at this stage. I think all things, occurrences and people are redeemable - to be used again. I might just want to dig that old boyfriend up out of the grave of unsuccessful relationships, dust him and his memories off someday to add color to a character or highlight a particular trait he embodied so well. Or he may mirror some part of myself that wasn't able to be there when I needed it to be, a story that may be waiting in the wings that needed a couple of decades of marinating inside of me before it could surface. So how can I say I don't want to write or I resist writing ....this is my resistance, my rebellion, not choosing any subject.


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