Saturday, March 14, 2009

Writing Prompt: If I was Queen for a day...

If I was truly a Queen for a day, I would call a halt to all the wars in the world for twenty-four hours. I would order troops to feed their country’s hungry, and suspend punishing laws and retributions.
Because I know that twenty four hours in even a human life-span is a drop in the bucket, and because I know everything would continue on in the very minute past that curfew, I would have already worked with any disappointment that might come up. In some ways, that one day would give me, and anyone else who was aware and watching, a glimpse of what could be, even centuries down the road. It would give Hope to all those who had hungered for peace for their whole life until that day. It would show others the possibility of what the world could be.
In my Aquarian idealism, a day of peace, without hatred, power-over and war, a day where the true human nature of each person was invited out into the day’s business, would be the satisfaction in itself of being Queen for that day.

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