Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I were Queen for a day…………

If I were Queen for a day I would roll up my sleeves and get to work. Before breakfast I would immediately freeze the wages and bonuses of all the highest ranking traders and officials of the New York Stock Exchange companies and our largest banking institutions. They would need to convince me that they are the “best and brightest in their fields” because at this point in time they look a lot like crooks and swindlers. There is obviously not a “checks and balance system” in place to moderate their greed, therefore they must be held accountable. I would recommend that they spend a two month tour of duty working beside regular people in a place like New Orleans rebuilding houses and schools. How many houses can you build with one 33 million dollar bonus check?

I would then rally up our troops and send them to the tobacco fields in our southern United States and have them plow under all tobacco fields. I would bring back in the farmers to plant hemp. I would create a crew of architects, engineers and construction workers to draw up plans to renovate all of the tobacco processing plants into manufacturing plants that would use hemp to produce paper, cloth, oils and all of the other useful things than can be made from hemp ~ a wondrous product with many uses that does not involve killing people. In the short term this would no doubt produce much work for rehabilitation centers and medical doctors to wean people off the previous government sponsored nicotine addiction. However, in the long run it would massively free up billions of dollars for the Medicaid program.

Later in the morning I would have a meeting with the Department of Education. The first order would be to instruct the school lunch program across our great nation to serve fresh healthy foods, as much as possible, to feed the brains of the next generation of world leaders. All music and art programs would be re-instated, especially at the elementary and middle school levels. We would immediately add conflict resolution, yoga and meditation to a revamped curriculum, beginning with kindergarten and pre-schools. Our children need a broader skill base to work with.

After lunch I would form a committee to conduct research on how to bring a stand alone energy system to every household. I am of the opinion that this technology has already been developed but has been bought up and destroyed by the oil and gas companies. Its day has come! You might miss it, but you will never again hear on the evening news about thousands of people being without power for extended periods. This technology will of course be shared with all the third world countries that we now pay millions of dollars to every year in financial aid. This will save the taxpayers, such as myself, money from our own pockets and have a wondrous affect on our foreign relationships.

And then I will invite young children in for milk and cookies to advise us what we should do next.

* annette

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