Thursday, June 10, 2010

TIME !?!?!

I am not sure what is going on but in the past week time has been playing tricks with me. It started with my desk top home receptionist phone that I have had for many years. I finished a phone call, hung up the receiver, and was shocked to note the time. Geez, where did it go? According to my phone I should have been walking out the door for an appointment. I rushed toward the kitchen and was brought up short when I noted the clock softly glowing at me from the stove top. According to the kitchen, I have plenty of time. I walked back to my desk, which apparently took about 25 minutes to cross thirty feet. I double checked the time with my wall mounted atomic clock to realize that my telephone was the culprit. I reset the phone, which, as mentioned earlier, I have owned for many years. I went on with my day wondering if a phone was like a tetanus shot; if you can’t remember when you got your last one, you probably need a new one !?!?.

Two days later the same type of event happened but this time it was my computer playing with my schedule. For some unknown reason the clock on my computer was incorrect. It has NEVER been incorrect. Once again I was startled and panicked for a moment thinking I was running late. Once again I double checked with my atomic clock that has hung over my doorway for several years. If you are not familiar with Atomic Clocks I must say that they are wonderful. Mine is battery operated. All atomic clocks are keyed into one giant time-keeping apparatus at the National Bureau of Standards, which just happens to be located in Boulder, Colorado. I have no idea how it actually works but it is said to neither gain nor lose one second in 300,000 years. My close proximity to Boulder, Colorado has not, however, decreased my immunity towards losing time.

The next day I woke up and my bedroom clock radio and the microwave clock were blinking at me, indicating that the electricity had gone off in the middle of the night. I would need to reset time. On its own this would be easily explained, but with all the other freaky things going on ???

And then, my desk phone struck again. I was savvy this time and referenced the wall clock immediately. Once again my telephone had stolen about half an hour worth of valuable time. Four times in less than a week multiple time pieces have played tricks with me. A coincidence?

I no longer believe in coincidence. When the universe sends me three hits (or more!) I feel that I must pay attention. So I spent time meditating on my relationship with time. Upon reflection I understand that I obsess about time. My truth in the past has been that, much like money, I never seem to have enough.

Apparent (?) Truths:
In my real estate world, “time is of the essence” means that time deadlines are deal makers.
My business life is dictated by other people’s time lines.
For many years my mantra has been, “I have all the time I need”.
I usually repeat this as I drive furiously towards a meeting it appears I may be late for.
So I shortened it to, “I have all the time”
In metaphysical studies it is taught that time is an illusion; there is no such thing as time.
I have heard over and over, “All things happen in Divine Right Timing.”
And yet the same teachers say that “time is indeed speeding up as our physical vibrations amp up.”
Note to self: “Update our illusion of time.”
Like the atomic clock, it isn’t always necessary to understand how it works.
I choose to believe that “All things DO happen in Divine Right Timing.”
This takes the pressure off of me.
I am at peace with time and my respective time pieces.
“I have all the time…….”

* annette,

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