Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Angels

They sit on high with glorious wings
unfurled in heaven’s sunlight.
On earth, they wear garbs of flesh
and hang around street corners
whispering in the ears
of the homeless and down-trodden.
At sea, they swim with dolphins
and ride the giant whales
from one continental shelf
to another.
These glorious beings
tend to children’s needs,
the human heart’s travails,
and all manner of life
in between.
Tall, stately, glowing from the inside,
they bruise my heart
with their unconditionality,
and cook me until I’m done,
until I get it, let go,
and move on,
as they do at will,
to newer territories,
flowing in the moments
wherever the strains
of Heavenly music
call them.


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