Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Tree of Life

My Tree of Life

I am a bird alighting on a branch of my Tree of Life, evoking the memory of that particular perspective and experience. I write from that vantage point, from that moment in time. What details and emotions arise within that story? I want to capture every nuance and shade of color. I look for the words to recreate that event, that feeling, that inspiration.

I love the writing and am always amazed at the magic of the simple act of bringing pen to paper. Miracles happen in that moment. There is no judgment, just the flow and the trust that the next word and thought will be there to follow the one that has emerged before it. Sometimes I have an inkling of what I am to say but, often as not, the words seem to be bottled up in my pen (or keyboard) and spew themselves out, independent of my mind. Then I will stop and ask if that is really what I mean to say and how I mean to say it. I try not to second-guess the process as I become more amazed at its perfection. Sure, I could say something different, in a different way, but that is my mind getting in the way of just writing.

Someday my Tree will be in full bloom with all the stories and memories that wish to be told. I will call all the other birds and flocks of birds to sit on this branch or other and enjoy the vista.

Prema Rose

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