Friday, August 29, 2008


The lake is revealing itself slowly through a heavy mist this morning.  Quietly. The water holds itself waiting for a breeze to ruffle its surface. Sounds are muffled.  A lone runner jogs by making a schuuk–schuuk sound on the stoney path that leads into town.  Two crows walk back and forth along the dock looking important with their chests pushed forward as they carry on a cawing conversation.  

Most of the summer people have gone leaving only a few stragglers like me to watch autumn creep forward.  Already there is a chill in the morning air and I have caught glimpses of red in the maple forests.  Sumac on the roadside is turning.  The humming birds are leaving for their long journey south and the days are notably shorter and nights longer. It is time to go.

Goodbye lake.


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